2017 Energy Report and Predictions
Energy Report:
2017 will bring about ascension for many, which will be working with energy on higher dimension. With that though, there will be some confusion as there is a lot of projection as to what ascension means. To some they will develop their abilities more such as intuition and energy healing but there may be an almost “now what” confusion as expectations and reality will differ from individual to individual. There are those working to manifest and their manifestations will flow more easily but if they are focused solely on the material gain they will end up confused with more stuff. For those who are integrating energy of love, there will be more acts of compassion and raising up the vibration of the planet. There are those who are being awakened who have no idea what is going on and so it may cause fear. Luckily they will reach out to those who can help them. Those who are ascending will find that at times they need to protect themselves energetically more while at other times they are free from the media produced triggers of guilt, shame, greed or cravings found prevalent in 3d. There will be more sightings of higher beings and angels even by those just awakening. Some confusion of purpose this year but it will also be a clearing time so if there are shadows lurking that weren’t cleared they will slow any new progress. It is a beginning year which means that those who embark on new ideas, inspiration and new techniques to heal, create and invent will be supported by the other side.The other side will become more visible to many. The revelation of corruption in the world will continue with a special emphasis on medical systems.

2017 World Predictions
Overseas, Japan or an eastern country – massive earthquake and water problems.
Cooperation unparalled between two countries that will form a new alliance separate with other participating countries from the UN.- may even exit UN.

A third country will initiate peace in Israel but it may not be the way or what Israel wants.

Attempts to sabotage new presidency will be strong but futile except that it will create more divisiveness.

Weather will become increasingly more disruptive- Florida or southern coast will suffer more weather related damage.

Tainted food or food that has been exposed to some kind of chemicals will become an issue.

Shift of the earth’s axel – a planetary gravitation shift – however extremely slight will cause more earthquakes on Pacific rim. A prominent leader in the world will be jailed for corruption(not US).

A lot of confusion in Europe, more restrictive travel and certain countries will reverse their previous policies on immigration and travel.

Small pockets of terrorism in many places, but a city close to the sea, on the east coast could be hit feels north..

Money on wall street and value of dollar and European money value will fluctuate up and down.

An unlikely couple will get married. A famous celebrity couple known for their outrageous behavior will reveal they are apart as a cheating scandal will happen.

Sun – more damaging rays and problems with drought in specific areas of the southwest.

More restrictive laws on driving and heavier police control.

Feel a problem with the Pope’s health, could be serious.

Uncovering ancient history, relics and bones, that may change historian timelines.

Obvious UFO over water visible from land will not be easily explained away.

Island underwater in Pacific due to extreme weather, flooding.

Some kind of issue with Thailand and southeast Asia politically and China will start to become more aggressive with its neighbors.

Feels like a turbulent year as people feel increasingly edgy over world leaders disputes with each other.

Someone in power, a leader from a major country will take a trip and be captured and held in an terrorist attempt to draw attention.

New inventions in education and mass education – meaning education will be brought to many more children worldwide.

Water supply will become increasing problematic but there is an invention that will help clear ocean waters and clean water.

Native American may sue and win a major land case.

More unnerving truths about those in power will become known but will be attempted to be suppressed – media will increase in censorship.

Here is the 2016 Energy Report and Prediction as to what I believe happened spiritually to many this past year and the predictions that came true. This is published once a year and each year I confirm what has been accurate or not from the previous year’s predictions. There are almost all the predictions have come true and some of the timelines may be continuing into 2017.

2016 Energy Report and Predictions
This will be a year where the other side is closer, where we will feel the energies that are close to us. Those who are not open or believe may feel confused or irritated and try to place the blame for their irritation on small things out of their control. For those who are open and ascending, this is time of great self love and understanding how our thoughts and feelings create our universe. We will begin to sense energy more and more people will work with energy to heal themselves.

Many will start to see conflict as a waste of time and energy and grow to understand the manipulation behind world conflicts. There will be more of a consensus of understanding that conflict is not necessary with a growing trend to avoid any. Seeking peace will become a greater intention and practice among many.

There is and will be though a greater chasm between those who are in 3d and those who are ascending as those who are ascending will not feel the connection to those in the lower vibrations as they once did. This can cause concern and some ill fated attempts to bring those in the lower vibrations upward. A recognition of how futile those attempts can result in a more allowing of everyone to walk their path. Still, at times it will be difficult to see loved ones operating from the 3d fears and manipulations. This has already been happening. Each person will at times experience instant responses to thoughts whether it is in manifestation or feeing energy. The spirit guides will be more present and more available to work with the light and help you in your search for your highest self. These are some of the world events I am getting will happen from predictive insights but at the same time there may be some that you may want to send healing energy toward to diminish the negativity.

World Events 2016
A prominent church leader will reveal some “sins” and mistakes of the church that will have many wondering about it. Weather patterns will cause a barrage of flooding across the world.

Unusual weather will cause hail and wild storms in unexpected places.

Droughts in other various parts of the world will worsen as water may be in overabundance in some areas while not at all available in other areas like Africa.

Smog will be such an issue in some world cities that drastic measures will be taken. This is both China and South America.

Steadiness of minor earthquakes will happen, but much will be due to fracking, but the alarming problem will be the steady increase of strength of earthquakes with some very strong ones in the US.

Imbalance of US justice system will become starkly evident to many as truths in some cases become evident. Another terrorist attack in a city that is surrounded by hills – east coast possibly, near water

Two countries who were once major allies will become near enemies.

A major leader of a middle eastern country will be killed.

A main or major world financial system/bank collapse will occur with ripple effects throughout the world.

An upset win in US politics due to unrest abroad – the problems in other countries will greatly influence this year’s election.

The Middle East will begin to implode upon itself in battles that have the west not sure of which side they should be on. Wars or battles and debates over immigration will be happening worldwide. Europe will take strong measures against open immigration.

US will become more and more ideologically divided – this will lead to more divide in the coming years.

A well known Hollywood couple who have been married for years will be divorced.

A younger famous Hollywood actor will be in a bad car accident.

An elderly (from the 60s) famous musician will pass.

On a brighter note:

There will be several countries who are working together for climate change and peace that may make more progress. Many will be receiving messages/inspiration to help them create inventions to help the world with climate issues. Interesting discoveries will be made in the arctic regarding history and ancient animals.