2018 Predictions
Some thoughts on 2017:
2017 was a tough year for many but it also was a year where the truth in many aspects reared its sometimes ugly head but also gave many a greater understanding of the world. Through the many readings I did in 2017, a pattern seemed to emerge that many were going through an upheaval in their personal lives. Unavoidable, this upheaval caused many to go into states of fear. The upheaval in the world caused many to go into a state of anger and fear. Repeatedly, my message was simple but true, do not align with the third dimension reality but instead align with spirit, for there is your peace. It was difficult to do that for many as fear seemed to take over at times. Quite often, finding someone to blame or be angry with (whether political or personal) seemed to alleviate our fears, albeit temporarily. Also, there was a tendency to want to feel smart, to be in the know in order to alleviate an underlying fear that nothing may ever be the same. The dark energy of ego did its dance in 2017. Holding onto compassion, understanding and tolerance seemed to be swept to the side by even though who professed to be enlightened. This is the truth of our human fragility but also a reminder that our spiritual journey is fraught with landmines of the ego. The dark energy forces want us to be confused, divisive and full of blame. More often than I care to admit, I had to remind myself not to get caught up in fear and its projection, anger. But upheaval can be helpful since we see the truth and we then can make choices based upon the truth. The most prevalent truth that remains is that love is still the greatest power and connecting to spirit is our greatest security.

Here is 2017 Predictions of what came true and was accurate including several which were close but not right..
2017 World Predictions Overseas, Japan or an eastern country – massive earthquake and water problems.
Cooperation unparalled between two countries that will form a new alliance separate with other participating countries from the UN.- may even exit UN. – this may still be happening.
A third country will initiate peace in Israel but it may not be the way or what Israel wants. – feels like this could be coming based on the declaration of Jerusalem.
Attempts to sabotage new presidency will be strong but futile except that it will create more divisiveness.
Weather will become increasingly more disruptive- Florida or southern coast will suffer more weather related damage.
Tainted food or food that has been exposed to some kind of chemicals will become an issue.
Shift of the earth’s axel – a planetary gravitation shift – however extremely slight will cause more earthquakes on Pacific rim. A prominent leader in the world will be jailed for corruption(not US).
A lot of confusion in Europe, more restrictive travel and certain countries will reverse their previous policies on immigration and travel.
Small pockets of terrorism in many places, but a city close to the sea, on the east coast could be hit feels north..
Money on wall street and value of dollar and European money value will fluctuate up and down. (went up but not yet down – think the down will happen after new year). An unlikely couple will get married. A famous celebrity couple known for their outrageous behavior will reveal they are apart as a cheating scandal will happen. (not sure about this) Sun – more damaging rays and problems with drought in specific areas of the southwest.
More restrictive laws on driving and heavier police control. (more distracted driving laws enacted with some being very restrictive – not being able to hold phone while driving)
Feel a problem with the Pope’s health, could be serious. (this has been reported on but denied).
Uncovering ancient history, relics and bones, that may change historian timelines.
Obvious UFO over water visible from land will not be easily explained away.
Island underwater in Pacific due to extreme weather, flooding.
Some kind of issue with Thailand and southeast Asia politically and China will start to become more aggressive with its neighbors. – (think I got actual country wrong as it is North Korea)
Feels like a turbulent year as people feel increasingly edgy over world leaders disputes with each other.
Someone in power, a leader from a major country will take a trip and be captured and held in an terrorist attempt to draw attention. (still think this may happen)
New inventions in education and mass education – meaning education will be brought to many more children worldwide.(not sure) Water supply will become increasing problematic but there is an invention that will help clear ocean waters and clean water.
Native American may sue and win a major land case.
More unnerving truths about those in power will become known but will be attempted to be suppressed – media will increase in censorship.

2018 Predictions:
Thoughts on 2018:
We are coming into a time where we will see governments, public persons and even our friends and relatives for the truth of their being. This can be good or bad.The lightning effect of last year of revealing truths will continue. We may be headed for more resistance from those not wanting to be exposed for their dishonesty (in US and worldwide) but this may be ultimately be a good thing. More people will return to smaller communities, shunning world news and becoming isolated in their attempt to shut out the negativity – yet from that there will be burgeoning groups that help one another instead of dominance of larger charities. Stay close to your spiritual path this year and you will feel better – get involved in conflict and you may draw more of that to you.

California may experience more earthquakes most not a high magnitude but there will be one that is higher which will be upsetting.
There may be a smaller country that purposely will not abide by any kind of environmental precautions which will negatively impact their region and become a problem that other countries have to work on (eastern asia).
Three cities in US will be hit again by rainfall/flooding and possible hurricane although it does feel like the impact is less than 2017 but frequent.
A bug (real) may be spreading disease or germs in several states.
North Korea will launch but not a major missile, it will be intercepted but there will be a lockdown of North Korea by neighboring countries. There may be an assassination of its leader.
Middle East will have some eruptions from within several countries and one country may make substantial changes toward democracy but others will return to the same.
Another terrorist attack in an east coast town from someone who had left and returned.
US Justice Department may surprise many and hand out an indictment to someone not thought to be involved – this will bring a backlash of anger from supporters – feels like it is a democrat.
Wall street will go down and then up again based on erratic world events.
A very prominent political couple will be found out to be living separately and will divorce.
Two countries in far east will be in dispute with each other and US will try to negotiate with both.
Many people will begin to make more money and there will be a inflow of abundance but interest rates are going to rise later in 2018.
Peace efforts in Israel but tensions will be high.
A NFL team may be sold and one renamed.
Injury to major basketball player may bench him permanently.
There will be an upswing in people’s moods as many will be doing better and jobs will increase.
Oil spill on or along river has much concern and backlash against company and government.
Internet will go down sporadically in different parts of countries during summer – could be a hack incident. More censorship on internet.
Very public trial which may end up being focused on race, because it could involve someone who has been in the public eye.
A very public suicide will have people in shock.
Note: some of what I got seems extreme but what it feels like to me is that there are those who won’t be able to handle the truth being exposed in their lives, and 2018 will be a fallout year from that. There is good news with the economy and people doing more on their own to create their own reality.