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The year will test people and their own spirituality. Yet there will be more direct connection for many spiritually. We will feel like that there are things beyond our control. In spite of this, our spiritual connection will enable healing on a personal and global level. The more we connect directly with source the better we will be able to shape the fifth dimension on earth. There will be those who feel like the light and dark are at battle, which they are, but that battle can take place inwardly more so. It may be a year to clear up any karma. An eight year (numerology) is a year where some will try to assert their strength, to gain control over others. Some will feel in a bind while others continue to work hard. Communication and hope will be the key to have lasting success and peace this year. Even though there appears to be conflicts and power grabs on the world stage, none of this negativity feels like it will last. So lightworkers take heart that your efforts for peace, light and truth will prevail.


The year begins with a union, a renewed calm, agreeing to come to a truce or settlement, compromise and unification. This may be more on the surface as tensions continue to exist. Male leader in the world, dominant, rich, influential in upcoming matters will become more dominant. This is an indication of power plays coming up between world leaders. By spring there will be some weather concerns in different places, flooding in different places of the world. Spring will also bring an economic disaster - economically something going wrong, energetically a crash This may be agenda driven and involve two countries in the world. During late Spring, here is some country taking over another country, could be China, grabbing and holding onto a country not theirs. There is power plays occurring during this time. Summer feels troublesome, bloodshed, and war and it feels like it is near water, a large body of water near coastline, far east. There will be more compromise as Summer progress, things are settling down, something getting better financially. Two countries that may default or go bankrupt will cause a ripple effect. It starts off with countries that area already having financial issues which a weather issue will complicate financial recovery. World feels very volatile and the countries that have been waiting to assert their power are doing that during Spring to summer. End of summer has countries pulling back, the US and Europe pulling back and closing borders. Early Fall much media misinformation and fear mongering, somebody is building up propaganda. More open communication, people opening up talking about what really matters, more positive, still fear exists. Late fall, overall hope returns, more balance and resolutions being formed, things getting better There is renewal of strength, people standing strong, division though between people are believing and people that are not. Weather event is middle east and/or southeast, like India, Turkey and the Middle East may be effected. The weather issue will have effect the global economy. People will be suffering, but it may be the globalists will try to gain control. One of the themes that comes through is power and who has it in the world. It is going to be about someone taking power and wanting power, trying to control others. China may be a threat, US will get involved and problems will escalate and then pull back. No one wants to see others suffer. There is something economic that will happen but it intentional. There are intentions to upset the world economies to cause chaos and then control. There is chaos to gain control. It is all about who is in power. Who will control what. There will be another virus or talk of a virus in the fall. The year starts off with a resolution but then that changes powers that be donít want peace to stick. They want to interrupt a peaceful agreement. The weather issue is intentional, like it is meant to disrupt. There are forces trying to make those problems happen.

United States:

Biden may have an incident that will be undeniably showing his mental incapacity. It feels like a stroke or fall. Not just his mumbling he does now. It will be pulled from media immediately. Around September another virus will be promoted, yet that will diminish quickly.

The good news is none of the negativity will stick, meaning none of it will last. Even though the money situation got bad and then it gets better, a power grab then a solution. None of the negativity will last. This may be in fact due to people trying to bring light into the world but also people not falling for previous tactics.

Aliens will reach out to help help on some things but not everything. Their presence will become more visible and more obvious. More intergalactic contact. They are feeling a bit like they have to intercede or help, especially in the war conflict. The dark forces who are trying to gain power, have carried power forward for generations. Something inside the earth, but power they garner from negative energy, from collective fears and negative energy.

Energy is heavy, financial security, but wonít present that they will be secure. They will be telling people to be afraid. Some of the financial worries will be spread here.

Trying to control people, US will be trying to control other countries. They will be trying to hold them responsible. We are not the good guys. Involved in conflict but it wonít last long. Standing strong, pulling back and standing strong, change in administration. Feels like different approach entirely. Up until then overly involved and then pulling back, election year. Choices but the US is working in tangent with another country. Indicates a complete shift. Someone like Trump or big shift in policy. Guard, gatekeeper at the door. It is a dramatic shift in policy which may be Trump or someone like him. Our over involvement in conflicts before the Fall could lead to strong reaction to not fighting wars. Worry about it before the shift, as they will try to pit us against each other. The divide and conquer agenda will be there but people are more aware of it now and not easily be persuaded..

Shoreline Ė water and flooding, Florida coast east coast. Possible hurricane Feels like a larger earthquake will be happening in California, but middle of California.

Presidential debates, will happen but they will be separated, but wonít be in the same room. This is because of fears of violence allegedly.Two males running head to head. Election will be more straightforward.

Foreign leaders will step up and want to work with new administration. We are not fighting a major war, just a display of strength. People will be fighting on our soil, viewpoints will get heated, especially when US gets too involved in other wars. These riots are again engineered but some may come about naturally as people are protesting US involvement overseas. Medical advances. Help people protect themselves from airborne, anything lung related. Heart, they will be able to do more with the heart, strengthen and recovery.


The truth is coming out about certain well known celebrity couples, like their ties to negative. People will be getting to the bottom of things. Like their financiers, the ones promoting or pulling their strings will become evident. Someone (music) may come out of the blue and be very popular, may be more in the light than dark. Hollywood is stuck, under the weight of its own problems. Some successes but going back to formats they abandoned. Some of the big women stars will be revealed to have been placed there, puppet master will be revealed. Other: Electric cars will grow, continue to work on them, there is money in it. They will become more economical. Elon Musk will be very supportive to certain candidates, not running himself but he will not run this year. A male will come forward and reveal what has been going on behind the scenes, drop names. Epstein list will come out but there will be legal issues but not as much as there should be. Maxwell being kept alive. Pope may try to be more of a peacemaker on the world stage. Israel financially supported, some of it is just dealing with the issue for a long time. Israel knew about 9/11 he didnít do it but he knew. A few people in the intelligence community knew but didnít act. The truth of JFK has come the problem is people will ignore it. (CIA). Assange may be released, more coming out that he knows. Not a total civil war but forces will try to ignite riots again, it may be over race but it feels like it may be over a war. Celebrities wonít leave country. People donít care about celebrities like they once did. Celebrity adoration is not there like it once was. More info coming out on unhealthy foods.