Reiki Classes

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In Person, Telephone or Email Appointments can be done virtual. This can include, Reiki, Past Life, Medium and/or Future Readings. If virtual, you can record your session on another device.


Personal Sessions are any combination of Reiki energy healing, with or without intuitive gentle spiritual readings, guided meditation, dream interpretation, or shamanic soul retrieval, and light body activations. a past life guided meditation with Reiki and past life insights can also be chosen. A session may involve any of the following: exploring your best future choices and potential, emotional energy healing to release blocks, reclaim hope and positive outlook. As a spiritual healer my goal is to teach, facilitate spiritual awakenings, helping people to empower themselves. I also now include Medium only sessions for $45 where I can focus on and communicate with those that crossed over in your life or your spirit guides.


Intuitive Reading - with crystal ball and/or tarot cards $45 or $60 for longer sessions
Medium Sessions - communication and focus on your loved ones or spirit guides$45 Each reading can be a combination of psychiuc and medium work
Past Life Readings - look at past lives, can include guided meditation $45
Reiki for 30 minute session - $35
Reiki for 45 or 60 minute sessions - $50 or $60
Reiki with Intuitive guidance (reading) - 30 minute Reiki and 45 minute reading - $60 Readings can include the following:
- intuitive predictive guidance with tarot cards, crystal ball and channeling
- advanced Japanese reiki techniques to release blocks.
- animal medicine cards
- angel cards

Reiki Home Visits - fee is based upon number of people seen please email for more information.

(All major credit cards accepted) Schedule in-person appointment (Cleveland, Ohio):
Call (216) 312-0010 or email or


An email or telephone consultation involves three components: spiritual empowering predictive guidance and reiki long distance healing. Email readings are very accurate and have proven to be well liked because the person can go over the reading and study it because it is printed. I can do email readings by connecting to you through the ability of long distance Reiki. I read the energy of your life, future and give guidance to help with choices. This is not solely prediction but empowerment - helping you to connect to your highest vision of your life. Then you can respond with questions. I will then respond to your questions offering predictive guidance, encouragement, guided meditations, reiki long distance healing. For email we will have between four and five detailed emails exchanges for a single session fee of $45. I will send you long distance reiki energy for each appointment.

PLEASE NOTE TELEPHONE APPOINTMENTS CAN NOW BE SEEN - WITH FACE TIME FOR IPHONES OR SKYPE OR GOOGLE DUOS. I will email to ask if you would like email or phone and if phone ask if you would like Face Time.

To get started, complete the Pay Pal form below. Upon verification of receipt of payment of $45, for email consults: email me below with your first name only, sex, age and if you like general area of country. You can order a phone consultation for 45 minutes or 60 minutes ($45 or $60) (see paypal button below). If you wish to go longer on a phone call such as an hour and a half please post two $45 minutes payments. You may wish to state a nature of your question and/or problem, or if you simply want to see what your future trends hold, state that. No other private information is necessary. Please note the Paypal button may say telephone but it applies to BOTH telephone or email readings. Please note: only those 18 and over are allowed to receive a session. All sessions are completed within 3-5 days and are confidential. I may be available that day for your telephone or email consultation - check with me for availability. Once I receive notification I will email you to inquire your preference. Venmo name is MaryAnn-Reiger. Last four digits of phone number is 0010.

. Any issue with buttons go to paypal directly. You can direct pay paypal

45 or 60 minutes


Monthly consultant retainer includes a regular email or telephone consulting appointment plus follow up questions and answers for that month either by telephone or by email. The month runs from the initial appointment date to 30 days after and is for follow up not separate readings. This was created to help people transition but also for those questions that were forgot to be asked. This service is also to help whose who are going through a major transition in their life and as the transition progresses may be in need of empowering suggestions, spiritual support, guidance or long distance Reiki without having to purchase an additional appointment. Follow up questions and/or long distance Reiki are responded to quickly. The fee for this monthly service is $75.

Group parties are intuitive readings in a group setting. Each reading is approximately 35 minutes long and the fee is a reduced rate of $40. (increased from $35 as of January 1, 2020). The host or hostess' reading is free if she/he gets together six or more people. An ideal party is not over ten. But, if you have a large group for a special event like charity event, please contact me for special rates. To schedule a group party email or or call (216)312-0010.


This service is to help you interpret the symbology of your dreams and the impact on your life. I provide an extsensive report and also help you to understand the meaning of your dreams and also if they are prophetic. This service is ideal for reoccurring dreams, dreams that have vivid scenes and dreams that seem to be carrying a poignant message. I am experienced in the study of symbols, animal totems, spirit guides and dream symbols. Fee is $25, through paypal and then email me with details.


If you would like to purchase an appointment online for someone else, click the paypal button below. An in person appointment is $60. This includes Reiki and Reading with any of the additions stated above. Click the paypal button below, pay and then email me at to set up an appointment or to give me the name and address (email or regular) for the person you are buying the appointment for. I can send a nice card or notify them by email.

Upon payment or any questions, email:

Reiki for Couples: This is a wonderful way for both of you to experience Reiki. Two tables are used alongside each other. This is a great way to share the soothing energy of Reiki.

My Philosophy on Readings:

Intuitive guidance can show us what is in our "spiritual savings account" so we can then act to allow it if we want it or change it if we don't. We hold a future "spiritual savings" account wherein lies much potential that when we begin to allow through belief, hope, positive intentions and actions will open up to us. But, we must realize that it is our choices to not come from fear, to approach our lives from our best selves we then allow the goodness in our spiritual savings to flow easily to us. Simply said, even though an intuitive guidance reading may show us what is coming -its arrival always depends on entirely on us. We are co-creators with our higher power. I serve merely as a guide, to illuminate the path before you as clearly as I can.

I believe we all have wonderful possibilities in our "spiritual savings accounts" that our own release of blocks and our trust in our higher power becomes more important in manifesting our greatest future. Blocks can be the deeply seated fears that hold us back from living to our greatest potential. Sometimes these blocks can be small and sometimes large. Other times people do not have blocks but need the support and encouragement that I can give. Most of the time most people just need the soothing energy of a reiki session by recharging their spiritual batteries with reiki and gentle encouragement. A personal appointment is an individual journey of your spirit with me as a teacher guide, and support.

I have observed those who withdraw from their spiritual savings easily tend to live their lives with an expectation of goodness. I have witnessed this frequently and the differences has helped me to understand that the spiritual healing of reiki is so beneficial to release blocks for those who struggle with allowing. Surely, as humans we make mistakes, these are our spiritual life lessons, but being given a chance to see what awaits in our spiritual savings account also gives us a reminder that we are indeed supported on our journey. One of my ongoing goals that I have asked spirit for is to help people bring forth all the goodness that awaits them and to show them how they are participants in their co-creative experience with their higher power.

Over the past few years I have observed that those who come to me for Reiki and the intuitive guidance are changing. They are becoming more intention directed and the use of their free will is stronger than ever before. The presence of their higher power is felt immensely. The Reiki energy has been helping to balance their chakras and release blocks, assisting them in their own ability to connect to spirit directly. I have witnessed many people learning to turn their negative thoughts to positive and align their energies with higher ideals due to teachings available from many sources. It is becoming a time of personal empowerment, personal growth and personal responsibility for all of us.

Because spirituality has been my lifelong dedication I have many tools to offer from my toolbox. In each appointment I will intuitively bring these tools forward to help each person who comes to me.

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