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My Biography

My background as a reiki master, spiritual healer started in my childhood when I was given up for adoption and endured the changes that come with that. I spent a lot of time apart from others, writing stories and poetry, going within. As a child, I was often deemed too sensitive by others. I would sense feelings and visions I couldn’t comprehend.

I had several key visions during my childhood, one of a beautiful angel-like woman coming to see me aglow in dazzling blue light. The other was that I somehow “knew” that “everything was energy and energy is everything”. That phrase came to me one day as a 10 year old when I ran down the stairs from my room. I remember how I used to sing it not fully understanding its meaning. I often felt different and went through some rebellious periods growing up.

Much of my life has been a spiritual journey, a search for meaning first to my life and then to meaning of all of life.

My soul searching was prompted by these questions: Why me? What is different about me? Why do I yearn to know what is unknown? This search for meaning took me through studies of world religions, modern psychology and ancient spirituality.

During this time I had rediscovered and began to improve my intuitive abilities – which garnered me an understanding that I was not different from others and how many people do feel the same. My life experiences, plus my endless study of spiritual, religious, psychological and metaphysical topics brought me to a level where I could help others from a compassionate and spiritual healing place without judgment. My mistakes in life made me poignantly understand we cannot judge each other without trying to help or heal.

My early visions helped me to realize that much that we learn we already know and that spirit is with us always. My studies helped me to comprehend different philosophical viewpoints so that I could connect to people of all backgrounds.

Finally, my growing experience as a spiritual healer helped me to understand human desire, frailty and free will. I work to help others by empowering them. I studied reiki and energy healing and bring forth my early poetic writing skills in guided visualizations and life insight reports to open up visions to everyone.

How I approach what I do in all of my sessions is that my focus is upon the person who comes to see me and in what way can they connect to the divine and/or live a more full, happier spiritual life.

My experience has culminated in over 10 years as a reiki master and workshop presenter. Although I think I am still a work in progress, I do honestly believe that all that I have experienced gave me a wonderful chance to do what I now do – and for that I am eternally grateful.

Below is some of my experience as a Reiki Master:

Background and Experience:

• Trained by three traditional Reiki masters by personal instruction from 1996-1999. Attuned as a Reiki master since 1999, cumulative of five attunement levels.
• Ordained Interfaith Minister 2007.
• Taught Reiki over 100 Reiki Classes including Levels I, II and Master.
• Home Reiki practice since 2006.
• Upon request of clients, visit hospitals and hospices and perform Reiki on patients.
• Participated in Cleveland Clinic clinical trials on Reiki for prostate cancer trials in 2008.
• Reiki Therapist volunteer at The Gathering Place in Westlake from 2007 to 2013, twice monthly. Give Reiki treatments to cancer patients and those affected by cancer (family).
• Hosted a monthly Reiki Share at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, Rocky River