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Below are both the 2010 Forecast and 2009 Forecasts. The 2009 Forecast is highlighted to show the accuracies of events which have occurred. Both were recorded in front of witnesses and posted online within days of their recording. The purpose of these is awareness and so that we may all do what we can to help prevent any negative occurrences, such as prayer, energy work and action. For those who have not read the 2009 Forecast before they may want to scroll down to read the accuracies first.

2010 Forecast

Recorded on January 3, 2010 in front of one witness who asked questions and two by email, one by phone.

Introduction: In order to prepare I turned off the TV news and avoided news on my computer for several days. I spent a lot of time in meditation prior to beginning. These are possible events and situations based upon channeling that may occur. The purpose of this channeling is to help heal the negative situations and embrace and support the positive movements. No one who does channel is 100% accurate yet awareness of possibilities can help us to speak up, make changes wherever we can and become actively involved in changing our lives and our world. Many events from my 2009 forecast came true but not all and many are still coming true. Some of the times do overlap and some of the 2010 may be farther into the future. I have highlighted the accuracies from the 2009 forecast which is attached or on my web site:

When channeling time can be hard to pin down but more importantly we have the energy through our intentions, reiki and prayers to change the future, that is the purpose of looking forward to help us all. Some of what you read may sound fearful and that is not my intent. At no time during the channeling did I censor what I channeled for good or bad reaction. There will be some things that people find incredulous and other things that other people dismiss out of hand – at no time did I think of opinions that may be rendered when channeling. On the actual tapes there are points where I become exhausted and weary of some of it and ask spirit to guide me to show what also is good. I do that because I know that the warnings come through stronger so that we can create change so the actuality does not occur. If I am uncertain I say so – because I get images but not all the images are completely formulated that is because they are not here yet and we have the power to possibly change them by our actions today. I have categorized the channeling including the follow up questions and answers for an easier read. At the end is the spiritual part including all the suggestions of what we can do to help ourselves in 2010 and beyond.


There is a plane crash into the ocean, destruction in ocean, Atlantic Ocean, sudden burst of fire – really bad. There may be another plane crash, air travel will be a bit frightening for many because of threats, airfares will go up because of heightened necessary security measures

Something dropping out of the sky – it feels like a fiery explosion – over the United States and I am just seeing a fire ball and leaving something in its wake – not sure what it is possibly satellite dropping perhaps it could be along Mexico – somewhere south.

Unification of different branches of a large church that will unify – Christian church .

Muslim Mosque that is either being blown up or torn down in the US – that may be demolished as a result of something that has happened.

Are you aware they are building a mosque near ground zero?- No, I was not, that will not go forward.

Famous painting in Italy might be stolen – very famous painting – an artist from the Renaissance era.

A famous young woman celebrity or socialite may have a stalker, someone very young and famous will be attacked.

More house fires in inner cities and more murders – definitely – strong energy – sometimes careless fires – but mostly within family structures – people are going to lose their coping abilities a little more easily –because they will feel their choices are diminishing.

Another campus shooting but it will not get as far as recent ones– Michigan seems to have a troubled college campus.

Earth and Nature

California – earthquake – something with the coastline occurring. There are shifts in the earth’s plates not sure where but there will be an effect on the ocean, the water is moving and that will cause more problems than what could happen.

Global warming is getting worse and there will be an el Niρo effect within the next year to two years but there will be some sort of water effect that could be devastating.

Polar bears are really dying – global warming is real? It is from pollution – the elephant in the room is that it is from overpopulation. The earth has a delicate balance and when you add all these people and technology then there are problems.

The earth as a whole is shifting slightly – some extremely sort of slight magnetic shift.

World Government and Wars

China and Russia are going to have an issue with each other and people will become nervous but it is will not be a huge deal but at the time it will be considered a little bit scary

Israel and distribution of gas masks: Expecting terrorist attacks in Israel – said this in 2009 – terrorists’ power is becoming their own country. More war in the middle east – Israel being involved.

Iran will do some things but they will be protecting their borders but Iran has troubles that are separate from Israel – they (terrorists) will go after Israel – this may be farther into the future. Israel is preparing because they are expecting some kind of attack.

Who is actually behind the Terrorists? They are getting funding from some governments it feels like an eastern government and a smaller country. Some third world – more supplies. No western countries but they have their suspicions as to the countries funding them.

England – clashes with police and protesters – violence erupts.

U.S. has issue with the British prime minister coming out.

Osama Bin Laden – hurt or dead – it is revealed but it does not change as much as people had hoped for

Another faction of Al Qaeda is growing – very militant and growing – growing in eastern smaller countries.

Trade resolutions and some good things coming between America, Europe and China – there will be some good resolutions which will aid the world economy.

Lot of people who are starving not only in Africa but all over the world – this is a growing problem that keeps growing – a lot of effort to heal and help will be ongoing.

Australia in 2010, any major changes? Sudden weather changes/issues and some financial dips in their economy but not too much although the weather feels extreme.

Population control by governments? There will be attempts at global population limitation – but there will be incentives – government worldwide incentives. Some of the things people in power will agree on. In this country (US) they won’t but there will be incentives. That will be hinted at – they will be hinted at and eluded to long before they are brought into the public arena because they know how the American (and other countries as well) public will react and so slowly work the ideas into our consciousness until it becomes not such a horrible idea.

Will there by a New World Order reality?

Yes there is a world government but each country will operate as have been but when they want to influence policy and changes it will be agreed upon by a joint commission type of – it will be up to each presiding leader to keep everything going good or if they start to make mistakes or lose control then the overseers will step in. On the other hand, none of this is going to work that perfectly that is what spirit wants to give us a lot of hope. What is not always factored in is human nature and the growth of spirituality and the growth of people being able to use different autonomy devices themselves, including energy work, intention and activism to maintain independence. It just isn’t as easy to implement – there will be influences and tighter regulations but it is not that simple and people are not necessarily that easy to convince. Some of it is not necessarily bad some of it may be to join together to resolve some common issues that affect all countries such as global warming, economy, balance of trade and weapons.

There will be a growing almost database of knowledge where people will counteract the influence of big world government. Just as some of these things are covert so will some of the response be. There will be some out and out complaining but there will be more cover things from people who are rebelling.

United States Government Biden, vice president may get sick, health issues.

Government officials – assignation attempts? Somebody will go after Obama but he will not even get close – I see a dark haired guy, scruffy, big guy, white, he might but he will not even get close – he may breach some sort of security – he doesn’t work for the government but he knows things – he might have been in the military – he is disgruntled. No overthrow of Obama or anything like that. There is a plan for those who get disenfranchised – those who leave government or leave the military are banning more together – former military official – a movement may evolve from the disenfranchised regarding the war. There will be many small groups that will sprout up that are grass root initiatives that are trying to really help each other and hold onto values such as the American dream. These will actually be good for communities and businesses.

I don’t know why I still see some kind of danger for the governor of California (2009 forecast) but it could be California is still reeling from budget woes and there is a lot of animosity directed toward him I am picking up on.

Another continual theme from 2009 I pick up on is the purging of corruption even though those in power will try to hide truths will be revealed whether it is personal or governmental – there is a continual exposure of people in power.

Government control?

There will be more reasons to send people to jail and prison – there are more laws and more regulations – so more reasons to send people to jail. Since they have more reasons to send people to jail they will be building new jails so there will be a greater population will be in prison, especially men. Some of the new rules and regulations will have to do with overcrowding of cities and trying to control the population out of necessity not out of some kind of conspiracy plot. Most people will not even experience this unless they do things that are on the wrong side of the law or have an issue with their identity.

Healthcare reform will get tangled up in legal paperwork so even though it is supposed to get going we won’t see its effect for a little while.

Obama’s alleged origins? Losing momentum there won’t be anything that changes.

A young independent political figure will be coming to the forefront.(kind of a newer Ron Paul) Sarah Palin will be doing very well in bringing a group of people together .

More U.S. government incentives to do things environmentally passed along to consumers. This will be very good for many people.

The people who oppose Obama will increase – the Glenn Becks of the world will gain more steam – Obama will have temper flare ups and look weak sometimes – yet some of the problems he gets blamed for are not all government related some will be natural occurrences but there will be people who look to blame the government for everything but this could be the result of turning to the government for help in everything as well.

Obama is ok but he is weary and exhausted – he may flare up and say some things – show that he is losing his cool – he will do it public and people will take note of it and some people will brush it off, some will be upset but others will see it as a weakness, it will come out his frustration.

Our personal lives will cease to be as personal with more technology that will be used by federal and local government to monitor. Because of the security issues in this world many more people will feel like they are losing their liberties yet many people will not mind this as they will want to feel safer in the world.

United States Legal Rulings:

There will be a case that will debate employees outside activities in relation to their employment.

Legal issues with lobbyists will come to light in the government and law will go into effect.


The U.S. economy is picking up with more of a balance in trade and newer technologies being able to be sold worldwide.

Bigger companies may start hiring again when there are some smaller bailouts to get them going.

Technology advances will be in lazars, war machines, surgical and robotic improvements – there will be more of a pinpoint accuracy – some of it won’t be revealed right away.

What direction gold & silver would take? Gold will flatten out even go lower silver not much change.

Banks, investment companies, corruption? More government regulations and lawsuits, but there may be mergers which will make a few banks stronger and they will pass on their costs more to the consumer

Some sort of U.S. government job incentives that are going to take over some companies – will bring jobs into some areas – people will be grateful that they are working but the government will be taking over more of our companies.

Oil and Gas Some increase of prices during the summer months, more pressure to fund alternative fuels and successful efforts at finding more oil.

Wall Street? What happens on Wall Street despite what the media says may not always mean that it is good news for your wallet because what is happening is that there are some big mergers coming that are good for the stockholders but not necessarily good for the public

Real estate? Flattened out good buys but there is not a lot of fluctuation not too much worse and not too much better.

Utilities shortages? Mandatory utility shutdowns. There will be more energy incentives given to those who volunteer. Power outages in summer across the country – environmental incentives – volunteer will get a discount people will do it but it feels like businesses more than families – businesses will have “power out” days which will exclude security systems of course.

There will be movement to shorten the work week for many companies and shorten employees’ pay.

Many local governments will make cuts to their budgets by cutting the time at work instead of layoffs but this may result in services cut.

Economic Collapse possible? No but there will be certain shortfalls in certain businesses and others will rise up – not collapse – but there will be sacrifices – other institutions will be forced to close or change.

As far as business is it will be good to have your own business to do what you can – there may be problem with overregulation but at the same time there will be many businesses that will benefit from government incentives – take what you can and create mini economies – some businesses will do well those are the businesses that will keep the government from not interfering in our lives as much because they will be supplying the people and the government won’t have to. Not all of this is in this year.

The US government will force some trade issues and made some good resolutions which will have positive effects for U.S. companies.

Health and Medicine There will be a treatment breakthrough for a major disease but they may hesitate in bringing out to the public for reasons that it may work some of the time but not all of the time and there may be easily false hopes raised.

Pharmaceutical companies are embarking on plan to connect people to happier emotions through the use of simplified drug use – it is not to just cure a condition – but to make the surgery recovery emotionally superior and quicker – has to do with nerve responses.

There are new regulations on fertility clinics that will go into effect.

Florida – people may be getting more sick there than in other states especially elderly – may be contamination in the water related.

Vaccinations, reference to last year’s prediction more inoculations coming, what do you get to people reaction?

Some people are not just going to get them and the government may pause and may come out within another strain.

Are they making these virus strains in laboratories?

It is not the government making these strains it feels like scientists in cahoots with another group and the government is forced to react but they also are suspicious themselves but they are suspicious of the source. There is a feeling of an international organization that may be behind some of this but some of it is a natural mutation by different plants and animals and people coming together growing stronger over time.


Children will have reactions to food and air (virus) but for the most part they will do fine because there will be more remedies available.

More violence in some schools that stems from the violence felt in the homes.

Food, Air

Merging of U.S. food companies but could result in some problems with the wheat.

Farmers winning lawsuit, more rights, more independent farming – effect balance of power a little bit, real serious food scares coming.

Question on radio frequency project – weather manipulation – is it a result of this manipulation?

No, the water issue is a result of the destruction of our planet that the global warming and all the problems that are getting worse. The manipulation of the weather in some ways it is almost like a defense to prepare for problems, obviously it can be used for negative goals it may ultimately be used as a separation of the classes, and may end up being like the sci fi bubble cities but for now it is being looked into as a way to protect the environment particularly crops. They should have started this awhile ago. They (government) do need to look at these weather patterns because some of them are going to get a little crazy.

Daily Life

What is on tv will be a far stretch from how people live their lives so many people will seek escapism in tv, movies, computer games, etc. Other will look around them and create the changes they want to see in the world – there will be a large difference between these two groups.


Many people will work two or more jobs as part-time jobs become more of the norm. Gone are guarantees of perks and high salaries for middle management. Groceries and purchases like clothes will yo-yo in price based upon some of the mergers and problems with some companies.

Spiritual, Activism, Aliens and Ascension

Spirit wants to remind everyone that humanity and the belief in spirit is what will rise up and change anything negative that is why it is so important to be aware of what existing negative trends are in the world so that we are true forces of light.

We are going to become more responsible for our thoughts and what we create will emanate outward and manifest.

What we do is just as important as what we think – all the choices we make and what we say, do, vote for or not do will make an energetic impact on the world.

Lot more people doing a lot of charity, increase in volunteerism a lot of people doing energy toward rebuilding with activities such as restoring homes, a lot of grass roots efforts.

A lot of movement toward peace and restoration of the world by a lot of the younger people – even though there will be a lot of activism from young people to change the world – some will do some work through government problems and others will help locally with food and there will be a lot of activism on the part of the youth

People in general are going to be a little bit more afraid and they are going to be turning to spiritual healers and those who they trust for answers but they are not going to feel secure in what they are being told from anybody I think it is because there is just a lot of things going on at once this year – this now is the calm before the storm. There are a lot of problems coming but there is good things coming too.

People banding together, doing more charity work, raising their consciousness more, more people forcing exposure of lies by companies.

There will be more angel sightings – real sightings this year where people see angels and Virgin Mary and a lot more sightings.

Spirit’s advice – what can we do?

There will be a need to have food and water on hand – this will help with natural occurrences, power outages and sporadic food shortages (more global advice).

Not get yourself too indebted to financial institutions – pull back on what you spend to get a little more autonomous – don’t assume that everything is the way it is said – think for yourself – do your own spiritual work – reach out to other people to help, turn off your computer and TV at times because the media will spend a great deal of time convincing us everything is just fine. Become less wasteful and more frugal, less dependent and more independent even in small ways.

Be aware of exposure to radio waves in large sporting events to radio waves – not sure why.

Try to put nature around you whatever little land you have even in your home or apartment because nature will serve to help heal you and serve as a buffer.

Really look at your food and what you are eating. If you are taking medication look at it and talk to your doctor if you feel you are overmedicated. Release any addiction or negative habit - just look at where everything comes from that you buy and eat. Buy locally if you can.

In some ways there is this light in the inner cities becoming more of a beacon of hope because of the fact that many people in the inner cities will be left to their own devices and not receive a lot of assistance other than charity because the supply of money for some government programs will dwindle so there will be necessity is the mother of invention – there will be people planting gardens and doing things to create life and sustenance for themselves and in fact paving the way for many of us – less dependence on government.

More spirits seen – more people who have passed over will be seen or sensed.

Can you explain Ascension?

Whole body leaving the plane? No, but some people will be leaving the plane. Float away?

No some of them will themselves to leave some of them will disappear – they will be gone – almost as if their form is disintegrating going through a doorway into another realm with help from the guides. But it is only by their choice they will do this, no one will do this without willing themselves to. These are highly developed spiritual people who make a choice to do their healing work in another realm.

For most, there will be a profound consciousness expansion and integration of energy to those who are aware and awakening.

But with that will come newer abilities, and these newer abilities will need to be understood more. Ascension brings personal responsibility for our energy, thoughts and actions. There will be some confusion when people integrate these energies and they will need to understand more – a lot will be with the power of our thoughts but with that will be those who are more advanced will be able to get around things are that being put into the place by the powers that be that are trying to control – there will be those who will develop highly empathetic and telepathic skills, even telekinesis will be able to manipulate things with their thoughts and energy but always for higher purposes such as peace and to be a light worker.

Many will feel the energies but not understand them but many others will strengthen their connection to God, however they define him/her.

Religion will still put up a sort of influence fight of trying to be the controlling force in people’s lives. But a lot of people will still be dong their own spiritual work whether they are affiliated with a religion or not so it becomes a nonissue.

More child prodigies more children are coming forth with amazing talents at a young age – not always identified as indigo - a real instrument of change.

Aliens – they are here. They are not coming out and saying they are here – they are here for energy themselves for solutions – they see what is happening with the earth. People will see them more but they are not typically Hollywood – there are a few that look squid like – smaller version – think it is a sea creature but they are not sea creatures – smaller, but they will show intelligence which will be an indication – they have been sent here for the purpose of adaptation- to see if they adapt to the environment than others can. Not an invasion as assimilation. Scientists will be discovering them as so called “new life”.

There will be new beginnings and changes for many people this year – some of those changes are from requests that people have made to spirit and they will be answered. More people will pursue trying to make their passions their livelihood.

Marriages will be made, children will be born, families will love each other – many of those things will not change but in the midst of those there will be a heightened awareness of how much we as a world are all interconnected.

Local – Cleveland

More businesses started along the lake.

Problems on the east side with fires.

Cleveland Clinic is going to be even getting bigger global work

Even though there will be poverty there will be new businesses that will be doing well in this region – there will be a little bit of return of industry and there something with regard to the environment that will be good

Businesses that involve recycling – reusing are springing up more in the state of Ohio.

Beverage company might be doing better, expansion.

Law firms will pick up in Cleveland – but primarily some of the bigger firms

Copyright all rights reserved Mary Ann Reiger 2010 2009 Channeling - Highlighted

A year later before I did my 2010 channeling I looked back at news stories and highlighted the accuracies in my previous year's report. I do believe that one story about a boy missing was overlapping two stories. Some did not happen as will be the case with this kind of intuitive work and some thankfully did not happen for the better.

Below is the highlighted 2009 channeling.

2009 Forecast Recorded 1/4/09 at 2:34 p.m. 7 people present to ask questions, 1 by email, Cleveland, Ohio

Introduction: Thanks for coming. What I am going to do is begin and then we can go into questions. What I tried to do last year was not make it so random by going from one thing to another and just try to stay within areas. All I ask is quiet while I am doing the channeling because I don’t know what is going to come through and then we can go into the questions. I have to get relaxed because I get a little nervous so I will have to relax myself and do my reiki symbols. I invite my spiritual guides to be here with me.

Earth – Natural Occurrences

One of the weird things I see is with water, with the ocean towards Europe, northern Europe at a high point, Iceland or Greenland, there is movement almost like an underground earthquake that causes movement of the water throughout the world this year. There is something, earth movement, that is centered around California and higher and it feels like the water will be effected resulting in erosion of the coastline. There is a string of earthquakes out west – but not major but they are growing in magnitude.

I get getting something with the land is changing – I see earthquakes in the west, which are damaging, one in the Midwest but not damaging. More animals extinct at an alarming rate but we won’t be told everything.

Something with fish that are sick and I think there are waterways that are leading inward to this country (US)and South America, fish are starting to get sick – some sort of mutation due to chemicals.

World Health A lot of sickness in India

there is a string of a virus or flu that may be coming through the water and traveling through the people.

I get something very odd about children in this country (US) school age children – suddenly getting sick and they don’t why they (doctors/medical establishment) may take awhile – they may think it is something else when it is really something more serious. So anyone who has school age children, younger, grade school children – if there are symptoms of rapid coughing take your child to the doctor right away.

Food concerns: meats and vegetables grown near meat processing or other chemical plants. Purity will be important – many may turn to local growers.

Food shortages: absolutely, China, Africa, India – many major areas of the world. Water shortages will become deadly. There will be a push toward clean water and toward plants that offer protein and fiber and can grow under minimal conditions. Scientists may already be working on this. Genetic engineering on food supply may end up becoming necessary not by design, especially around the globe.

Health consciousness will increase among people but not at the rate that it needs to. Science will make some positive moves in the area of genes and changing things to cure some diseases and there will be discoveries that will come through that will seem really remarkable that will help people particularly with diseases that affect the blood such as leukemia, aids, etc. Something interesting I am getting about a liquid that people are going to be drinking – like a vitamin water but to the tenth degree – slimming, vitamins, a superdrink that will catch on and people across the globe will be drinking it. Beware of shots for you and your children. (vaccination shots). I’d like to go back to the vaccinations

The only thing I get is the word “backfiring” is that it will be causing more illness than healing. It is causing more illness than help. There will be stronger strains of viruses and bacteria that are developing and they (medical community) are trying to counteract. But, their counteracting efforts makes more people sick then better. People as a whole are going to become more concerned and this some of this I am going over into the next few years and are going to become more concerned about things (like bacteria, viruses, chemicals ) in the air and having their homes and workplaces be clean and clear is going to become very important.

Wars/World Politics

I see the Middle East like on fire – it s like a symbol – it is like this ring of fire that it just dies down – they are speaking to me in symbols – it is almost like a campfire it dies down and then it gets peaceful and then someone stokes it or they do something and then it erupts again and it is going to be like for a long time for a very, very long time. It is sad because we are not going to know all the damages and people – we are going to pull some of our troops out. Regarding the middle east and the fire that is waxing and waning, how does that pertain to our troops – are our troops going to be over there?

That is what I get that we are going to be pulling our troops out – that is the thing where politics comes in – Obama made a promise and he feels that he has to keep it - and it feels as though it is more covert operations and in some ways the rest of the world – the rest of the world may take a step back as if they are saying ok guys you fight it out.

I just feel like we are taking the diplomatic approach but we are not going to run into new areas with guns blazing. The problems are going to keep happening for awhile.

We are going to do this little thing of letting the rest of the world handle some things – we’re almost like – where we used to be aggressive we are going to be a little more passive aggressive –

I get something with a satellite that they (USA) are going to test some kind of war device – some sort of thing into outer space and we may have some bad results and I see the satellite going up there but the test may be awhile (meaning not happen this year)

but once it does it is really going to scare a lot of people.

Russia is going to start some trouble again – it feels like they are trying to boost their economy and they are trying to mess with one of their neighbors in order to do so.


You said Russia will do something with a country next to it. How is Romania?

There is trouble there. Do you have family there? It is not so much that Russia takes over and invades it is that Russia is going to use some kind of leverage, economically. Tell your family to be cautious – about their money – there is some type of clamp down of civil rights and financial freedom. Have things saved and hidden. Sorry not a good feeling there.

China is going to go into space a lot, a lot.

I feel a lot of illness and sickness there -they cannot feed everybody – resources are going to be slim. China will keep investing in foreign soil but likewise they will be experiencing their own financial problems – they will have health and disaster issues and feeding their own people problems, but they will continue to try to move abroad. For a time countries will stand apart on their economic woes but there will be real push toward balanced trade and balanced wages – there will be a push toward unified economies in the future, world unified economy.

National (USA) Events

Terrorist activity: yes pockets of terrorists toward certain Jewish centers across the globe and USA educational institutions – smaller in size – on a protest level but there will be some violent acts associated -these are protests yet the government will react strongly to them. Martial law – curfews in certain high crime areas and areas where suspected terrorist attacks and protesters may be.

I am getting something about a boy who is missing goes to national prominence this year a young boy who is missing they are worried he is murdered and I think they are going to catch someone but I think they are going to expose some kind of ring, part of a big criminal circle – it will make it to the national news

Will they find out for sure what happened to that Caylee girl?

They already know. She didn’t act alone is what I get.

Will they find the other?

Yes. She gives it away at some point – it is sad.

United States Politics – Events

Arnold Schwarzenegger - an assassination threat - some sort of a person really freaked out because he (governor) did something with the state’s money – everyone is angry at him – there are a lot of people angry at him – I think he may have cut off a lot of benefits . People are suffering in California who relied on the government for existence. I know this is California but it will ripple across the world. Most of the traditional industries are done. What are they going to do with the land? (land owned by companies who went out of business)

Nothing for a little while because they don’t know what to do. Ultimately there is going to be community gardens and community feeding places where they grow plants, like community greenhouses where they grow food year round where it will be weather monitored. Kind of odd but they will start doing that in different areas. Also, the term is coming through self manufacturing which means that they are going try to put people, government incentives, put business in different cities that directly create goods for those cities. There will be tax and government incentives. Obama will be big on this and his impact, and I know I didn’t talk enough about him, but his impact is going to try to do that get the initial reconstruction. One thing I get from Obama is a lot of wishy-washy – like he will want to do things and then take a couple of back steps then doing more then a lot of back-stepping. I think he is going to be dealt a lot of problems all at once that no one could handle.

With Obama coming in with everything on his plate, is there any type of things – first of all is he going to investigate the current administration or is he going to hand out pardons? He better investigate his own. There is a corruption thing that involves him and before he investigates other people he better clean his own house. It hasn’t come to light fully. Will he? He won’t but if you are asking if he is going to investigate the Bush administration – those doors are going to be closed. There will be some news that will be coming out about Obama and what I am getting is dirty hands and the meaning of dirty hands is having your hands into something that he shouldn’t have.

He is not a bad president, there will be good things like trying to revitalizes the economy and do some things with the environment , helping people become more self sufficient which will be really good but there are some negative things that will come to light that he is and had been involved in.

Business related, – some of this is not as bad as it seems – necessity is the mother of invention – some of these business and taking this action that was often ignored before – people are going to get angry and they will want real change – getting mad – the unemployment rate is not just effecting that typical business that layoff 1 out of 4 = almost everyone will know someone in their family who lost their job or got laid off.

So that is why it will be the government that has to change some things and revisit trade and restrictions we won’t be importing as much.

So does that mean he will be a decent president?

I think so but he is not going to be the

savior that everyone hopes. He will be met with some problems such as natural disasters such as the earthquakes. He is going to be safe?

Yes he will be safe.

Bush will come out in a couple years with a tell all book which will very interesting because he will reveal some things that everyone will be surprised at, that was going on. He will wait to do this.

I also see Native Americans taking back land and being able to be a more of a vocal part of what is going on in the United States.

Media – the media will be censored and controlled by the government much more than in the past.

But, there will be renegade type people who will get news out anyway. There will be an attempt to control the internet, to regulate it, for the sake of our safety particularly children but that will take longer than expected. I get some kind of device that may be hooked up or logged into – like a memory card that will allow only adults to log in to certain sites – many people will be fearful of this due to monitoring suspicions. Free speech and civil rights are going to be stripped away mostly it is because of security and safety issues yet the government will incite a lot of fear into the public about the possibilities rather than the actualities.

Economy - United States

More people out of work. Definitely, a lot more people out of work. On the flip side of that there are a lot of home grown type businesses . Almost like a return to what the type of things that people would do in the early 20th century when they would sell things in neighborhood places, door to door, neighborhood community centers. There will be much more of a sharing of food and clothing. Community centers will start opening their doors to helping people there will be much more of a n “ok let’s band together” attitude.

Most of the traditional industries are done. (meaning ending)

Wall Street is in for another hit probably about June, but they anticipate it. There will be a couple of more major mergers and there will be super-companies that not take over the world but have their hand in almost everything and it almost feels like because they will have so much power they will do whatever they want and ignore their governments, and what the government s may want them to do and there will be some issues there.

More foreign purchases in the United States - of United States business and real estate. There is an industry that is coming up that is not steel it is some kind of metal and people who get involved in it now will start making money. It is almost like the new car industry. It is different formula for making cars and it is a different metal/material for making car.

The old car industry are going to come together and keep downsizing and downsizing and sort of – all the old structures are changing – all the corporations – when you think of the big industries that made a lot of money in the 20th century like the automakers and all those – a lot of them are whittling away and coming together - meaning that they are not going to be the big moneymakers that they once were.

Anything sustainable anything that recycles and reuses but does it in a way that can make money are the new businesses.

As far as personal real estate it is still tough because people are still losing their jobs – people who would like buy and sell their homes unfortunately are depreciating it feels like it is flattening out at the point it flattens out a little bit more that is when people will decide they will not wait forever to sell their home and the market will naturally start to pick up as a reaction and start to do better. A lot of people are going to stay put for a little while. The real estate market will open up more in the spring and summer in Cleveland and nationally.

What is a good business to invest in?

To be honest like you are doing the hair salon – keep your prices reasonable – people will be reaching out for the things that are comfort and for the things that make them feel good but don’t cost a lot the high end hair salons may be struggling – if you can offer services that are comforting that will do well.

As far as business to invest in – anything that is reproduced, recycled, reused, reinvented – it goes through another cycle like metals- electronics is still good and there are changes with that coming – security is going to be a huge business because there will be more crime. It is a fact (an offshoot) of the jobs being lost.

Something with water – companies that purify water. Anything resale shops, home repairs, home remodeling, - any business that you are redoing or refurbishing – also there will be smaller companies – rather than invest their money into big funds and lose their investments people who have money to invest will be looking for smaller companies on the upswing to invest in.

The labor is going down – the unions will lose some of their power- they know it and that is why they are fighting for it right now – but with that will be a reaction from people who are going to be really upset that they are losing all these jobs and there will be kind of a cry to Washing ton to bring back businesses and to give more incentives to businesses that are located here. So there will be a little bit of pulling back and when that happens people will invest in those businesses and there will be smaller cars and cheaper cars, and there will be a hybrid car/motorcycle type cars very compact but fuel efficient – they will be able to be used in certain areas but not everywhere- new laws will come in with that.

Government will react to the demand of people because there will be a lot of people out of work and because of that business will come back to this country, more business will create more goods and furnishings here. It is still a long process.

Real estate market, has it already bottomed out?

I still think it is depreciating a bit more – in more middle income suburb neighborhoods – some of the wealthier homes will stay the same in value, but more of the middle income homes will still go a little bit lower but then people will start fixing them up more – it feels like it is flat – out of necessity it picks up and then people will start doing better – the days of making a lot of money on real estate transactions is gone – there will be a lot more government regulations with real estate transactions – more government control. Mortgage payments – rescue?

Not too much more but loans will be softened due to rate changes initiated by the federal government. Again, as to business, it is that reuse, recycle. The critical concerns in the next few years is going to be food and water, basic concerns.

Chemicals and other materials to purify the air and purify the water will be important, companies that can truly recycle and efficiently will be important. I didn’t talk about gas prices. It feels like it is up and down. It will not be the stranglehold but there will be some alternative things coming. The government will be forced to allow it – that is where Obama will do well with alternatives and incentives. As I always say the human spirit will rise through this. The good thing I see is the inventiveness. People will become more autonomous, small businesses will get a big boost. You cannot rely on the big companies to rely on anymore, unless you work for one of the supercompanies but the competition within those will be so fierce that it may not be one of the healthiest environments to work in. People will become more inventive. This will bring about a whole new era in invention and ideas that really serve people’s needs versus entertaining them. The US government will make effort to employ and rebuild and to become a leader in alternative fuel and food resources. That will be the light of hope for many. Pope/Religion

Again I feel something is happening to the pope this year and I said that last year that something is coming through. Something is coming through with churches – actually something with a big church – that may be the center of the news – something where it feels like corruption action but also some type of dramatic event that is going to take place in and around a church – could be in a very big city such as New York or Chicago. Local/Cleveland, Ohio Area In Cleveland, what is the new business other than Med Mart? Other than the medical world what other industry is going to start flourishing in Cleveland?

Electrical components, like small devices, there is a company that is going to be here because the labor will be cheaper and they will get some kind of incentives and the other thing is many homesprung business doing things on their own … there is not a lot of new business and for some reason rescue equipment, equipment that have to do fire hoses and other equipment.

A lot of people are going to stay put for a little while.

The real estate market will open up more in the spring and summer in Cleveland and nationally. Property by the lake or parks will do really well – there will be more investments in property and areas by water simply because it will draw more people here they are trying to invest to draw more people to Cleveland –

there will be movement with the Convention Center.

This is all money coming from the outside in. What Dennis’s (Kucinich – Ohio congressman) role in this new year?

He is upset because he is not being heard where he wants to be heard in his political career – he is a miffed a bit like he Is not being listened to – he will do something on another committee in congress – but he is big thing will be do to get businesses here – he will push to getting businesses back here – some kind of textile and other industries – there is something with big companies that have been outsourcing - some sort of lawsuit or something against it – make them have to pull back themselves and It may be something from people who have been laid off – class action – that is not Dennis – he will do more behind the scenes to negotiate to bring businesses here

Odd Events

Arizona or Nevada – there is going to be a really bright light there a UFO or something it’s going to be impossible to ignore and yet I don’t something on land and so it stays – it is going to be photographed from too many angles for the government to sweep it under – really near a hill or mountain near Grand Canyon You mentioned lights over Phoenix or Nevada,is that the Phoenix lights that have been reported for the last ten years that the government has been poo-pooing? I don’t get that it is Phoenix I get that it is by mountains. Arizona or that area?

It is connected to that not over the city of Phoenix I get in Arizona over what is right above Arizona – Nevada I guess that would make sense that it would show up there. It will be intense.

Why are they there? I get contact and resources. I get they are making contact and resources. There is something in those mountains. That is really valuable – actually way below the mountains there is something in the earths’ crusts. In the earth’s layers that they are primarily concerned with – a resource that is needed. Is it benevolent, good or bad?

Um, it is not as bad as people think – it is just confusing because we don’t know what to do – it is like throwing a new player into a game where everybody is so firm on their positions. I don’t know – it will be there awhile and then go – scientists will be the first to work with it. – it will take some time before it is completely unraveled. It is not scary – not to me – but what it is on a bigger level it is an exchange there is knowledge and energy – it is not as if – yes they know how to fly and get here and everything better than we know how to get there – but we have resources that are needed. Medical marijuana, will they actually open the economy to do that?(laughter) I am dead serious , if they want to boost the economy, just open it up. No, no, they won’t.

There are resources made from hemp. Maybe farming (some discussion)They may use it for other purposes Does marijuana add something to the soil? There is something where they are looking at adding, taking plants that add things to the soil, versus taking nutrients out of the soil. When they do single row planting, repetitive farming it depletes the soil so they are looking to add something back into the soil so there is something to that. They are really starting to explore alternative fuels with plants. Hemp can be used as a fuel as well. I know someone who is taking that to the supreme court who is doing that for farming to make clothes, paper, save trees. If they do it, which they will do some of that but they will do it under strict regulation – and isn’t there one plant, a vein part of the plant that you can grow but does not have the thing that gets you high? THC Yes that is what they will not be using they will be using the one that doesn’t do that but there will be inspectors. It will be primarily used for fuel and not by average citizens . This guy is looking to do a factory. They will use it for alternative but not getting high, or medical marijuana. I think there is going to be a backlash on that in California. I do believe in the clothing. I feel that way personally but they will recognize that but will control it strictly. There is another plant I am picking up doing more on perhaps soy-like, that they will be working with much more and I believe they have already begun to do that. Spiritual Spirit level – a lot of people will be having visitations from ancestors and family members – people who don’t believe will be seeing the spirit realm – that is because things are accelerating and the line between those realms is going to grow much thinner. This will be good for many people who work with spirit but for those who don’t it will be startling.

What is the message for humanity from spirit? Be aware and put your trust in spirit. Don’t look at all the things – there will be so many things changing at once that if you put your faith in the material you will lose. The material will be changing you really just have to trust in spirit and your own lives. Really look at it as if you’re in the business of your own life. Don’t look at it like this company owes me or they should give me so much money. Because the should happens are not necessarily going to happen so it is sort of like look out for yourself but take care of yourself but keep in daily contact with spirit. However you pray, pray and surround yourself with positive energy all the time. Put the positive out there in front of you, in your work, surround yourself with the light energy every moment. Because if you give into fear or you give into frustration – the darkness will get to you and it will really drag you down. It will become a thing where people wonder why you are doing so well and feeling so well all the time – it is because your connection to spirit will be really strong.