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Experienced teacher - affordable


Reiki Master Class May 20, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.

For anyone completing Reiki I and II, advanced techniques, teaching, attuning others, advanced intuitive techniques, more long distance techniques, Master symbols, learning how to teach and attune others, releasing blocks, discovering your own individual symbol, with exercises, demonstrations, manual and certification. Advanced intuitive and Japanese techniques.Also working with the angels during Reiki.


(216) 312-0010 at my house 4602 West 192nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio Fee: $200

If you are interested in learning Reiki (Reiki I and II) contact me to set up class.

Reiki I and II

$100 If interested: Description:

Learn traditional Reiki, gassho (meditation), Reiki symbols, attunements, self-Reiki and methods of practice, along with Japanese Reiki which is an emphasis on intuitive hand placement, and techniques Reiki self treatment. The class is a hands-on type class with demonstrations and exercises, traditional and nontraditional Reiki systems, structured and intuitive hand placement, clearing chakras, releasing blocked energy. The lineage of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho. Pet Reiki also covered. Manual, study materials, IARP certificates provided. Follow up practice session will be required but can be done on an individual basis.

I teach Reiki how I was originally taught back in 1994, intuitive and both symbols at once. The reason for this is my Reiki throughout the years has remained strong and flowing. You will be responsible for practicing on your own but I will serve as a guide. I believe Reiki should be affordable, easily accessible and teach you to feel Reiki flowing immediately This makes me a bit of a Reiki rebel considering what others are doing, yet I have stayed with Reiki since becoming a master in 1996 and have continued to see clients. I believe Reiki is above all a spiritual practice, to heal from the spirit through to the physical.

Fee $100

Where Mary Annís home 4602 W. 192nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio

NOTE: I will do Reiki classes on individual basis (or with a friend) and upon request. For serious students only. I will teach and offer a practice class. Reiki Master since 1996, teach intuitive Reiki.

Intuitive Reiki Class Ė Beyond Western Reiki (for Reiki Practitioners)
This class is for those who are attuned to Reiki of any level who are interested in learning how to use their Reiki in a more intuitive manner. Japanese techniques as well as other intuitive techniques will be covered. Hands-on demonstrations and interactive techniques, covers how to recognize and work with energy blocks, how to remove them, how to sense the energy of the aura, how to flow with the Reiki energy, how to receive messages intuitively and how to share them appropriately, directing energy, working with color, sensing the energy of another before the session begins. This class is designed to heighten your Reiki experience and to give you a greater ability to intuitively heal. Materials given.
Fee: $50

Classes taught by Mary Ann Reiger, Rev. - Reiki Master since 1996
Experienced, taught over 100 Reiki Classes, Reiki Therapist Volunteer at The Gathering Place for 5 years.

Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals

For those unfamiliar with Reiki, Reiki is a natural healing technique that addresses mind, body and spirit. It is based on the belief that all that exists is made up of energy and during times of emotional or health challenges energy may be depleted or block. Reiki helps to restore and increase the energy supply. Reiki revitalizes the bodyís energy promoting release and renewal while supporting medical treatments.

My philosophy on teaching Reiki:
Reiki is an easy hands on energy practice to learn. I teach the Japanese style which is more close to the version taught by the originator of Reiki. I believe Reiki can be learned in a day, but must be practiced often as it is a healing art. It is not meant to be a westernized system of expensive drawn out classes but available to everyone at a reasonable cost. We all have an ability to heal and Reiki helps each of us to heal ourselves and each other. I offer I and II together with attunements because I believe that once a person is attuned and they practice on their own or with others their ability will grow. To me, Reiki has become commercialized and made into something complicated. I believe it is a simple energy healing system that anyone can learn and use with ease. I teach small groups or one-on-one like the old masters did so there is personal attention to understanding and development. Manuals are provided.