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Traditional and Nontraditional

I would be happy to help you create a beautiful wedding customized to your wishes. Once you have chosen me as your officiant, we can meet initially to go over possible cermonies and vows. I have a broad list of ceremonies to choose from, some traditional and many non-traditional. As an interfaith minister I can combine traditional with more contemporary readings to make your day special and appealing to all your guests. Some of the more contemporary ceremonies can include handfastings and unique marriages and/or locations. I can customize your wedding as you choose. One of my unique ceremony creations is the personalized marriage statement. After I meet with the couple I create a marriage statement (like a reading) that is regarding that couple, and that couple only. Here is an example of a marriage statement for a couple who were best friends for many years before getting married:

"Marriage creates the security for two people to fully open themselves to each other. Within the safety of this commitment comes the opportunity to accept another person as a complete being who experiences both hopes and fears, satisfaction and suffering. Marriage provides a relationship in which you can have and be a lover, an ally, and a partner. And it is through your commitment to each other that allows acceptance and forgiveness that brings forth the best that you can be to each other, and in life. This security of commitment permits you both to be the individuals that you are and together the couple that you strive to be. This will be your time to create a future from a vision that belongs only to the both of you. Know that your composite experiences are turning you into the highest form of yourselves, that you are becoming the best and the most, that you are doing the things that only you two together could possibly do. What matters most is that you doing all that you do from love. Please take each other’s hands. By (Groom) and (Bride) joining together in marriage they are like two half moons that do not shine as fully without each other. They are both the morning sun rising with joy and the evening sun resting with peace. They are both the moon and the sun in their world, for by coming together in marriage they complete each other and honor the balance they bring into each other’s lives. Their marriage is like how they hold hands – it is easy for them, it is natural – it is a circle of completion. It is the sun and moon as two circles of love that complete each other because together they are an unending light of promise in their world. To (Groom) and (Bride), they are thankful and perhaps even feel lucky, for they are not only marrying the great love of their lives, but their best friend as well."

I will be happy to send you some sample wedding ceremonies upon email request. One of the best part of the ceremonies I write is that I offer you vows and reading selections that truly fit you, as a couple.

Additional Ceremonies and Services

Reiki Weddings

Integrate reiki beautifully into ceremony. The additional touches include Reiki clearing of the facility before the ceremony, Reiki before the ceremony, integrating Dr. Usui's teachings into the marriage statement, Reiki blessing during the ceremony, burning bowl releasing the past, asking guests to send the couple Reiki for their future (or for those who are not Reiki attuned sending positive intentions). This is a wonderful way to include Reiki in your wedding and mark your special day with the energy of Reiki!

ReAffirmation of Vows

Ceremonies to reaffirm your dedication to each other and renew your vows. Ideal for milestone anniversaries, particularly 10th, 25th and 50th.

Engagement Ceremonies

Ceremonies to promise your love and proclaim to the world your intentions to be a couple.

Seasonal Ceremonies

Ceremonies to align your love of your partner with the love of the earth and its cycles. A ceremony to connect you to the spiritual seasons of your life and share with family and friends.

Non-Traditional Partner Ceremonies

Non-legal yet beautifully binding ceremonies to proclaim your love and dedication for each other.

My ceremony fee is $175.00. My fee for a single reiki for couples workshop (2 hours) is $75.00

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