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An energy house cleansing helps to clear out negative energy and restore positive, to keep the energy of the home flowing and to release any energetic holds on the home, particularly if the owner is trying to sell it or if a buyer is wanting to feel like the home is more theirs. This process clears out any “ghosts” or any negative residual energy. The energetic house cleansing is more Reiki aligned, based on the premise that everything consists of energy, similar to energy healing such as Reiki, but for your home. You will notice an actual shift in the energy and a calmness once the energy cleansing is done. You will feel more relaxed in your home. If you are trying to sell your home, it can help to ease the energy to release the home easier. This energy clearing method has worked on several homes that were stuck on the market for a while. If you are purchasing a home it can help to release the energy from former owners and make your new home feel more like yours.

Not only do I clear the energy but I show you so that you can do it as well after my visit to keep your home energetically serene. I have been doing this for many years for clients. It isn’t ghost chasing but a comprehensive and understanding approach to shifting the energy in your home.

I can combine an energy home clearing visit with a home Reiki and/or reading visit, or group party.

Email or call (216) 312-0010

Fee is $60 This includes a copy of my book "Spiritual Ambience Guide to Energy Cleansing Your Home" also available on Amazon..