Mary Ann Reiger. Rev.

Reiki Energy Healing Spiritual Life Coach

Mary Ann is a Reiki Master and Instructor, Intuitive Channeler who combines energy healing techniques, intuitive impressions and guided imagery in personal or group sessions. She has a diverse background of spiritual knowlege and experience, education and personal instruction from three reiki masters. She has recently become an ordained nondenominational minister. With a lifelong study of world divinty and spiritual practices, she is a published author and workshop presenter.

Each personal session pulls from these different healing practices to help each person how they need it most. Each personal session is unique to the individual and their life experiences.

Background: Mary Ann, born an intuitive, has become a Reiki Master, educated in divinity studies, world religions and trained under three reiki masters. She is a published author and guided imagery theme based workshop developer since 1999. Reiki Workshop teacher since 2003. Spiritual and Motivational Speaker since 2000. Contact Information: Mary Ann Reiger Home: (216) 898-0919 Cell: (216) 312-0010