Guide to Wellness

Guide to Wellness was borne out of my spiritual practice to help restore belief in yourself, renew your inner strength and to release blocks that prevent you from living to your highest potential. Each track is akin to participatory storytelling. It is not hypnotherapy or psychology but instead an enthusiastic reminder to you that you are not alone. The divine is always there to help you and you have a right to live in wellness. Wellness is a state of spirit, a feeling of inner peace regardless of what our life circumstances are. Wellness is a connection to the state of serenity. Each of us is entitled by our spiritual nature to be well. Each track is written as a talk to take you to your highest feeling of hope. It is like having a good friend there sitting beside you encouraging you to believe in yourself and reminding you that you are loved for who you are right now. Wellness represents well-being of spirit and when we feel well in spirit that feeling transfers to all areas of our lives.

"Essence of Self" track is a short track that can be used every day to help you manifest an intention of wellness. It can also be listened to whenever you need to calm and center yourself.

"Strength" is a track that takes you out of your day to a faraway place in an imaginative story to help build your inner strength and to help you accept what you cannot control in life.

"The Healing Fountain" is a pleasant sentimental story that can help you to feel more at peace and to release emotional pain and restore hope.

Suggested ways to listen to the cd is to listen to each track separately and spend time meditating on the messages. You may wish to write down your feelings or talk to a friend. The first track is short so that you can use it daily to center and connect to spirit. The other two tracks are lengthier and invite you to think about your life and your feelings. Spend time, pause the cd at points where you need to contemplate or meditate longer. You can write an addition to the story visualization by imagining you are continuing the story, adding to it your manifestation of your hopes and dreams. When you are feeling disconnected or need to feel uplifted return to the cd and listen to the track that calls to you.

Be well!

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