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Life Path Reports

Numerology + Tarot + Intuitive

Your personal life reading combines numerology with the tarot, and intuitive impressions, to illustrate your personality, challenges, abilities and life path. This report is based upon your birthdate and corresponding numbered cards from the Tarot along with the intuitive insight to give you insight into personality strengths and weaknesses, life destiny and challenges. This is the “energy snapshot” of your life is presented in order to serve as a tool for growth and empowerment.

Your year life reading takes your basic personal life reading and looks at the coming year showing you the possibilities to empower your life choices.

Your romantic life reading shows the potential, promise and areas of challenge in your relationships. Tendencies in love and challenges will be explored.

Putting these three readings together helps to empower you and give you understanding of the influences that are present in your life. All reports are unique to each individual, which brings forth the intuitive portion of the life insight reading. These are not astrologically based but with your full birthdate is based on the concept of numerology while connecting the date to the meaning of the major arcana cards from the Tarot, but each individually addressed even though some characteristics may be the same the insight part of each report is wholly about you and your life. This is a unique system I have developed as the culmination of many years of study and in conjunction with doing intuitive readings for many years.

It can give you tendencies, potential, cautions, challenges and guidance, all spiritually based. The report is written mystically to elicit contemplation and introspection.

These reports are the copyright property of Mary Ann Reiger as each is a creative work based upon the concepts of numerology and tarot, with personal intuitive impressions. Each report is individually presented.Reports provided via email only. Click the paypal button below to get started!