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Spiritual Development individualized workshops are designed to develop your innate abilities and/or the abilities that you want to develop for yourself. You will be able to do this online (via email),scheduled phone appointments or in person, however you prefer. You can learn these abilities on a one-to-one basis from me, which I have more than 20 years of experience including workshop facilitator for over 7 years.

Spiritual development workshops represents your growing, developing spiritual abilities to become a true force of light and change in the world, whether that world is your immediate friends, family and coworkers, those who you are choosing to help or the world on a larger level such as starting your own practice, volunteering, or simply helping others with your gifts.

These are comprehensive workshops which will include manuals and follow-up as described below.

The primary abilities that I can offer to develop are:

This is a personal look at your intuitive development , where you are, how to expand your intuition, what tools are best for you to progress. How to develop knowing and understanding of what intuitive messages mean.

Learn the tarot with your cards, one-on-one teaching and follow up. Explore how to do readings, symbolism, techniques to connect to the meanings of your cards, spreads, and tips from my experience of doing readings for many years. Several Intuitive development techniques shared. Applicable to most decks and if you have an esoteric deck we can explore the symbolism associated with the deck. Practice exercises included.

Remembering your dreams, understanding dreams, learning symbolism, learning to lucid dream, recognizing prophetic dreams, signs. Working with your dreams and understanding how your dreams relate to your daily life.

Understanding the energy of ghosts and spirits, learning to clear your home, communicate with loved ones. Learning to release ones that are not positive while learning to recognize the ones that are.

Learning to open yourself to communicate with such as angels, ascended masters, saints and goddesses and gods. Recognizing dimensions and ability to recognize positive guides versus negative entities. Being able to ask for messages and/or signs and interpreting those.

Understanding energy, protection and sending energy for healing and transformation, raising your energy vibration. Learning to shield your own energy, understanding energy vampires, the projection of others. Animal spirit guides: Connecting to animal spirit guides, learning which ones are yours, receiving messages, signs and symbols, becoming more in tune with the spirit of nature.

Individualized Workshop Structure:

Two Appointments
- Energetic Assessment of abilities
- Intuitive analysis
- Your desires of which skill you wish to develop
- Selection of one principal skill to develop
- Discussion of your experiences
- How your past lives are influencing your present spiritual development
- What has been blocking you from developing so far (if any block)
- Emotional connections
- Instruction with activity

Second appointment:

- Continued instruction and support
- Feedback, question and answers, experiences thus far
- Looking at progress and implementation of instructions, making modifications
- Looking again at blocks, challenges or problems
- More advanced exercises, exploration of progress.

- Exploration of advancement and practice and appraisal of results
- Ideas to practice developing abilities
- Practice suggestions of exercises for the future
- Practical application to your daily life
Workshop fees:
$60 per appointment, lasts about one hour, with each appointment being two weeks to one month (no more) apart. Two appointments total ($60 each - $120 total course) with email follow up in between. Certification from me for completion. Commitment to the two appointments will be required and payment for both will be required or commitment via a deposit for both. The two appointments can be done via email, telephone or in-person, or a combination of all three. Email follow up will be required.

To get started you can click on the Paypal link below (I will be notified by email) or email me at or call at (216) 312-0010